due date calculator?

due date calculator?

are you susposed to put in the first day of your last menstrual period BEFORE you had sexual intercourse or after ? Because,my period came exactly the time it was susposed to come a week after sexual intercourse and I’m getting things really mixed up right now .. can someone please help me out ? thanks
all I simply want to know is if your susposed to put in the first day of your last menstrual period BEFORE you had intercourse or after , that’s all I want to know .

Answer by babygirl0108
LMP before assumed conception which would be BEFORE intercourse

Answer by jabentk8
Once you miss a period and get a possitve result, you use the first day of your last period to calculate your due date. For example, my last period started on Feb. 3, so this makes my due date Nov 10. Pregnancy normaly lasts 280 days. Doctors count the 2 weeks after your last period in this count. Most women ovulate within a 2 week time period after their periods, but this is different for everyone, so they count the 2 weeks for everyone and that is why they go by your last period. Hope this helps you…

Is there a different way to figure out your due date..?

Other then figuring it out when you had your last period? I dont remember when my last period was, but I remember the day that me and my boyfriend had sex. Is there some kind of due date calculator to figure it out by using the date you had sex instead of using the calculator when your last period was? I was told I’m due on December 19th, but i wanted to see if there was a different way to figure it out…? (17 and 32(?) weeks pregnant with a girl)

Answer by Melissa
Count two weeks before the day you had sex then count 40 weeks from that day. It should be close.

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